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Jaiden and Deia June 2012

Clean Slate

After looking through all 211 posts I’d made from the span of time between whenever-I-got-livejournal and ~2009 I realized a LOT of that was stuff I didn’t want public to the world! I mean seriously, silly drunken posts are cute and all (not), but I’m a growned up woman and should have growned up woman posts. Meow! Er, I mean yea!

Since the last time I posted on here I moved to a new place and had another kid. My oldest graduated from kindergarten and started first grade (where he’s also advanced). They apparently decided he knows how to read really well and moved him to a higher class. He’s also really good at math! Yay! Smart kiddo. He’s also still my adorable baby boy (who is the size of a ten year old, almost as tall as his thirteen year old uncle) and will ALWAYS be my baby boy.

The new kiddo is OMG TOO CUTE. She smiles at you and you stop and melt. She’s got us all whipped, wrapped tight around all ten fingers and all ten toes. When she screams we’re not quite as fond of her as she wishes, but mostly she only screams if she’s thirsty or has diaper rash. You know, typical baby screams. Believe it or not I managed to go an entire pregnancy AND another year on top of that without writing in THIS blog (I write as Jean Hopkins on http://jeanhopkins.com, so nobody reading this will be all “SHE STOLE JEAN HOPKINS KIDS!!!” cause of the awesomely cute photo of my kids).

Just wanted to write a blog to 1) fill up space on artkitty.net’s front page now that I made the OTHER posts private and 2) show off a cute photo of my kids. Yay! 😀

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