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Dad Grave Marker

My Dad Was A Jerk but I Still Miss Him

I have a few memories from my childhood. When I was 6 months old, I yanked the mobile over my crib onto myself (I really wanted the blue terry cloth elephant dangling from it). I remember learning to crawl and playing with a Gerber baby plastic book that had a picture of a baby, and

Another site update post

It seems like every few years I come back to post about how the site’s been updated again. In trying to eliminate reliance on addons that may wind up deprecated or incompatible with the latest version of WordPress, I’ve found a way to set up the gallery pages with just core WordPress stuff. It helps that between the last

Jaiden and Deia June 2012

Clean Slate

After looking through all 211 posts I’d made from the span of time between whenever-I-got-livejournal and ~2009 I realized a LOT of that was stuff I didn’t want public to the world! I mean seriously, silly drunken posts are cute and all (not), but I’m a growned up woman and should have growned up woman

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