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Another site update post

It seems like every few years I come back to post about how the site’s been updated again. In trying to eliminate reliance on addons that may wind up deprecated or incompatible with the latest version of WordPress, I’ve found a way to set up the gallery pages with just core WordPress stuff. It helps that between the last WordPress update and now, they’ve implemented a much more comprehensive gallery option! Too bad the media section is still a big mess of images, though.

Over the last few years I’ve illustrated and written children’s books, using my Jean Hopkins pseudonym for the author and real name as the illustrator. My precocious daughter is infatuated with cows, so the books all feature a little cow named Moo.

While not a traditional artist tool, I’ve been using Google Drawings to streamline a lot of my recent art. The Darth Vader Pharaoh in the post image is loosely based on similar Hello Kitty fan art I’ve done. It’s one of the more complicated drawings done in Google Drawings, possibly more complicated than using a normal program like Gimp or Open Canvas.

Hopefully the new gallery pages are easy enough to navigate. If there’re any issues, hopefully someone will tell me so I can go beat up Wordpress!

Perhaps someday soon another post will magically appear on this page. I’ve been considering sharing the outline-to-production process for the Moo books, but I’m not sure I’m confident enough with it to do that. I’m happy to help friends and family set up their own Google Drawings system, though!


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